*Thanks to AC/DC for the title of this post, since this song came up whilst I was struggling to write this post XD

[Note from the Author: I’m late with this post, considering the Alt Appreciation schedule. I’m suffering through a serious writer’s block at the moment where I write a paragraph, and then give up and go do something else. Also having issues with my back, and sitting at my desk doesn’t really help, and I’d give my right arm to avoid throwing it out…so I just haven’t been around much–either writing -wise, or in WoW. I was also going to post something ‘different’ for shaman week, but it was taking me too bloody long to write it, so I’ll have to come up with something off the cuff and leave the intended piece for a later date. More information about the Alt Appreciation Project can be found at]


I can’t quite remember when I rolled Zanzeeli and started playing her properly. It’s all a hazy memory (then again, aren’t all my memories hazy to begin with?), where I made her in order to lock her name in on my server, and then left her for ages. Once and a while I’d pick her up, and trudge through some leveling, but it was never anything that really got me hooked.

And it’s a disservice to the class, and I need to remedy that ASAP!

One day a couple of weeks ago, my husband mentioned that he needed some help leveling the last couple of MoP-level toons he has to 90. He does much better when he has someone to quest with, or running dungeons or BGs or whatever it is, but I don’t have any other toons around that level to help him with. So he asks what’s my next highest level toon is.

Which is poor wee Zanzeeli, who at the time was 58, sitting in Hellfire Peninsula waiting for me to get my finger out. He ‘challenged’ me to level her up to 85 or so, and then help him with his shadow priest (which, he’d probably finish leveling the priest faster than if he waited for me to do all that catch-up, but whatever).

So now I have a focus: get Zanzeeli as far as I can, without making my brain melt, because it’s not something I want to ‘force’ myself to do. I’ve dusted her off, and she’s currently sitting at 61, still questing in Hellfire, but I finally have flying which helps out so, so, soooooo much! And here’s the thing about it; whilst questing in Azeroth, it was a pain sometimes, where I’d be eating and drinking every-other pull, but now I seem quite a bit more resilient. I can pull a fair few more mobs and handle them without flailing off the side of the Peninsula, which is always A Good Thing. I’m having a fair bit of fun just running at my own pace, even though I don’t have nearly the amount of Cool Tricks and Bells and Whistles that shamans have at max level (fire elemental, I’m looking at you!). It’s a new project of sorts, something that I’m not trying to burn myself out on, and combined with the decreased xp needed to level/guild xp perks, it shouldn’t take me *too* long to make a dent in her leveling progression :D

As for future plans with Zanzeeli…I’m not sure. Obviously DPS of some description (I’m not going steady with either Elemental OR Enhancement, I’m a free agent), but in terms of End Game it’s hard to say. I’m not super 100% comfortable with shamans yet to say one way or the other what direction I want her to go in (and so much of it depends on when in the expansion’s life cycle she reaches 90, and what content is available at that point).

Ah yes, I had missed the clown armor from the Burning Crusade era. How is that chestpiece even remotely protective!
Ah yes, I had missed the clown armor from the Burning Crusade era. How is that chestpiece even remotely protective!?

3 thoughts on “Thunderstruck*

  1. Just wait until you hit the 80s. Then you will understand Chain Lightning.

    For some reason, it doesn’t really KICK IN until thereabouts. Maybe it’s haste in the questing gear you get. Maybe it’s just because suddenly you nuke all the things more.

    But just wait.

    And if it isn’t the lightning, it’s the lava!

    1. Oooooooooo! See, that gets me excited! And it should probably give me a much-needed leveling boost, because I like pewpewing all the things. Sounds like fun :D

      1. For me, it happened a little late in Pandaland. Up until then, I had been leveling by doing LFD, entirely as resto, ever since level 30-something, and hadn’t touched my elemental offspec. Then came the turtles in Jade Forest, who took for-freaking-ever to kill as resto, so out came the elemental spec! And lo, sheeyit blew up.

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