From Draenor, With Love–Alyzabeth xoxoxo

With just about 48 hours or so to go until Blizzcon officially kicks off, news has been circulating around the internets about Blizzard trademarking the title ‘Warlords of Draenor’, not only in the US but EU, Australia, and NZ. There’s yet to be any official confirmation from The Powers That Be as to what this refers to, but that doesn’t stop fans from speculating as to what exactly it’s for.

From my non-scientific and totally casual observation of the fandom in the past few days, it seems to be many are reckoning this could very well be the title of the next expansion–and I would have to agree with that. I’ll admit, I could very well be wrong and it could be the title for the upcoming movie, or an entirely different project I’m not aware of. This November will be WoW’s 9th anniversary, and next year we’ll have both the 10th anniversary to celebrate along with the long-awaited movie release (which, gods be good, will be half-way decent and do my favoritest game in the world justice!). I could very well see Blizzard taking us back to the start, so to speak; instead of ‘moving us outward’ (as I’d describe MoP content, with Pandaria and such), they could take us back to older content–Draenor, and tie the story and game back to its earlier incarnations. It would be a golden opportunity to spruce up older content that is showing its age against the likes of MoP (both gameplay wise, and lore wise). The Burning Legion is still very much an antagonist, and a pissed off one as well, a force we’ll have to deal with come hell or high water at some point. And even when you think about ‘recent’ conflicts in Azeroth (namely orcs versus humans, formation of the Horde and Alliance), you can’t have that without Draenor/Outland.

It would be a lovely opportunity to put a nice big fat shiny red bow (or blue, depending on faction) on the entire WoW package. I won’t speculate as to how many expansions Blizzard has under its belt, but I’d hinge my bets on at least one–they’ll push this till 2014, for that 10th anniversary. If they were to do something like that for the next expansion (retooling Outlands content and presenting it as a fresh expansion), it could even set a precedent for Wrath content as well; the Scourge is still a force to be reckoned with as well (albeit weakened thanks to our totally kick-arse efforts in Northrend), and again, slightly older content that could use a face lift, content which quite a few WoW’ers still hold in high regard.

Like I said, I could totally be wrong–wouldn’t be the first (or last) time I’ve been wrong about something. It’s just how I would do it, cycling everything back towards its beginning, during the halcyon days of Wow. Granted, you can never recreate that complete sense of amazement and wonder that players get when they first start playing a new game, but it would make some semblance of sense for them to go in that direction. Go back to what made Blizzard famous in the first place–we’ve gone as ‘far out’ as we can, I think, without completely losing sight of Warcraft’s origins.

With all that said (I’m sorry for the tl;dr), I’ve been in a Burning Crusade frame of mind the last few days. I had a look over Alyzabeth’s reps from the era, and whilst the important ones were exalted (Mag’har for talbulks, Netherwing for flying mounts, because I Have Priorities), many were sitting at friendly or honored, left to collect dust over the ages. A few weeks ago, my husband got the hair up his arse to clear out his reps and get stuff completed, so he was able to tell me which dungeons to hit up for the reps I needed:

Hellfire Peninsula dungeons for Thrallmar (which is finished)

Mana Tombs (for Consortium)

Netherstorm dungeons (for Sha’tar rep, and rings for the Scryers–by far the easiest way for my mage to get rings quick)

Caverns of Time–Escape from Durnholde and Black Morass (for Keepers of Time)

So I’ve been running those every day, and if I’m quick and don’t loot, it takes me maybe five or ten minutes to clear out a dungeon. It kinda helps when you have Arcane Explosion keyed to F for maximum spammage, and portals to send you back to Shattrath quick if you need it XD. I’ve also been running BC raids on the reset for rep as well–Black Temple, Karazhan, Mt. Hyjal, and even Tempest Keep so I can have a crack at the mount (which I’ll never in a million years get, but I still try, because I’m Sad).

Basically it’s just been massive amounts of faffing in Outland (and associated content), clearing up my house, getting things tidy JUST IN CASE! Because you never know. It’s been kinda fun just faffing about, not having to worry about DPS, just doing my own thing. The money’s been fairly decent, and I’ve gotten several tokens from the raids that I’ve turned in for armor, so I may very well try to complete those sets so I can give Alyzabeth something new to wear (again, my priorities are stellar).

Even though I won’t be in Anaheim, and I didn’t buy a virtual ticket, I’ll be waiting for Super Awesome News to come out of Blizzcon. If you live in the UK, you may very well hear me shrieking from my computer chair, depending on what Blizzard gives us. To say I’m excited is an understatement, because despite my fairly recent burn-outs with the game (or more accurately, with MoP related content), I’m still very much on board the Warcraft train :D

I forgot how purple this expansion was. So I had to use a mount that matched.
I forgot how purple this expansion was. So I had to use a mount that matched.
Urrrrrrrrgh. I make a really gross human. Talk about needing a really hot shower after she was done with that dungeon O.o
Urrrrrrrrgh. I make a really gross human. Talk about needing a really hot shower after she was done with that dungeon O.o
Yeah. Found this gem in Escape from Durnholde Keep. Um. I don't know either.
Yeah. Found this gem in Escape from Durnholde Keep. Um. I don’t know either
Also managed to snag this guy (not like it's super hard). He's completely rad though, I could watch his animation ALL DAY. I have named him Metalhead XD
Also managed to snag this guy (not like it’s super hard). He’s completely rad though, I could watch his animation ALL DAY. I have named him Metalhead XD
Can't get enough of this guy, seriously.
Can’t get enough of this guy, seriously.

6 thoughts on “From Draenor, With Love–Alyzabeth xoxoxo

    1. lmao XD

      It’s REALLY difficult, actually. My bags are currently a super hot mess, so I don’t have much space, so it takes me like half a dungeon to hit my limit. I do try to loot bosses and such for purple and blue shinies, but otherwise I just have to ignore it :'( We seriously need tardis bags in this game, there’s just too much shit to loot and never enough space.

      1. Yeah, about halfway through the dungeon I have to pause and stand there for while, sorting. I gotta decide if this pile of crap is worth keeping or not. Will it vendor for a minimum of 25s/2g/5g/insert arbitrary limit here? Nope? Gone! Will I get more of these and continually deleting them is going to drive me nuts (netherweave, I’m looking at you)? Guess I’ll keep it.

      2. Yup, I do the same exact thing :D Or I end up with shit that won’t vendor (like these stupid Nethergon things that drop in the Tempest Keep dungeons), so I keep having to just drag them out and delete. I know it makes me sound hella lazy, but that’s a lot of work for me to keep doing all the time XD *Everything* should be vendorable, even if it’s for shit amounts, just so I don’t have to feck around whilst clearing out bags/banks.

        I suppose it’s the game’s way of telling me to sort my shit out finally, and get my bags in working order, but urrrrrgh, again, too lazy.

  1. Sounds to me like you have your priorities lined up correctly ;)

    I went back and did a few of TBC rep grinds (for pets, mounts – important stuff) even though I’m a Wrath baby. I also did the Consortium just because I love those guys. If the next expansion has anything to do with TBC (I’m not up on lore) I want to see more Ethereals. What would make me squee the most is if there was an Ethereal outfit for transmog.

    That alone would guarantee I’d buy the expansion (not that I wouldn’t anyway.)
    And I want the CE to have an Ethereal pet that doesn’t cost a fortune in real money. I would trade everything I have for one of those.

    1. I would die to have an Ethereal transmog set, omg, I would feel so badass (especially if we never get to play as actual Ethereals, it’s the next best thing). And the pet would be insanely awesome as well–my soft spot is mounts, pets, and pretty clothes for the most part XD

      That’s what keeps me coming back to this content as well–still have a few more pets for Raiding with Leashes, and Ashes of Al’ar–and getting kinda cool looking transmog stuff doesn’t hurt either. I had forgotten how beautiful BC really was (and Wrath as well–those two are my favorites in terms of expansion), and I wouldn’t be entirely heartbroken if we revisited those areas in the future. Hopefully we’ll know more about the future of WoW on Friday :D

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