Alas Poor Yor(r)ick!

[A/N: I know it’s been a couple weeks since my last post. I just haven’t had the will to write, really. And I haven’t been doing anything particularly spectacular in-game. Aaaaand, I’ve been suffering from a wonky sleep schedule, so I blame that as well. Like I mentioned on twitter, I’d rather not write at all, than to write something that’s so obviously crap. But this is a good attempt, I suppose.]

This has been me lately. It's been one of those days/weeks/months/years/lifetimes.
This has been me lately. It’s been one of those days/weeks/months/years/lifetimes.

I suppose a tad bit of a progress report is due, considering it’s been at least a fortnight since my last post (way back during Thanksgiving, whoa!). I have made some decent headway in some of my ‘projects’ on Alyzabeth. In no particular order:

*Managed to knock out quite a few of the Burning Crusade reputations I had been grinding out. The only one I had left is Scale of the Sands, which is basically me flailing around the Battle for Mt. Hyjal whilst spamming Arcane Explosion and racking up the reps. It’s not terribly difficult–more just time consuming, since the enemies come in waves, and it can require a bit of running back and forth between mobs (mostly with Thrall, Jaina’s pretty simple). I also need Ogri’la as well, but their dailies has always left a really bad taste in my mouth, so I’ve constantly dragged my feet on making a concerted effort to work on that rep. I know I SHOULD do it, but it’s one of those things I conveniently avoid doing.

*Managed to gain my 20 Secrets of the Empire, after what felt like a million years. I wooshed off to find Wrathion to turn them in, after which he sent me back to the Isle of Thunder to complete <The Thunder Forge>. It requires you to protect Wrathion whilst he forges some fancy-pants lance thingy; the first part is fairly easy, where you fight off some mogu while Wrathion’s busy tinkering to get the forge started. The second portion though…oh my gods, it made me want to throw my computer out my window. You have to help protect a Celestial Blacksmith NPC who’s charging up a room full of anvils, while little (and sometimes big) sha’s come at you. You have a Celestial Defender NPC to help you…but it didn’t really help me. My camera angle kept going wonky, and I couldn’t keep up with the enemies to keep them off the Blacksmith, and I couldn’t seem to get to the charged anvils fast enough to stop Insanity going off (a nifty little spell that completely fecks you up, and you NEED to interrupt it). Needless to say, I had to leave the scenario a few times in order to maintain my sanity (and to keep my computer safe). Somehow, eventually I managed it though (after many tears on Alyza’s part)! Not entirely sure how I did it, and if you were to ask me for tips or tricks, I couldn’t give you any–it seems I managed to spam my buttons well enough to keep the NPCs up, get the lance, and finish off the Sha Amalgamation.

(I did take some comments to heart from the wowhead page for this quest:, if you should need it. I still reckon it was blind luck that saved me.)

No matter how many times I do this bloody boss, I will never completely suss out this bit. I've survived maybe twice out of the eleventy billion times I've run it. Le sigh.
No matter how many times I do this bloody boss, I will never completely suss out this bit. I’ve survived maybe twice out of the eleventy billion times I’ve run it. Le sigh.

I finished that scenario off, and ran back to Wrathion to get the next part…oooooooooooh, I need 12 Titan Runestones now. Great. Basically the same thing I did before, just different stones? Seems to be a theme here, but off I went. I managed to get lucky the first week I had the quest, and got six or so from LFR (the last two ToT and the first two SoO). It took a bit of blood, sweat, tears (and wine), but I managed to get my 12. I ran back to Wrathion, with a super excited mage–I’m getting closer to the end of the chain, aren’t I? I’ll have a shiny cloak?!

Yes, I am the spark, but first I must fetch him more stones! Somehow I think my mage is above this shit.
Yes, I am the spark, the fire that will spread across the world, but first I must fetch him more stones! Somehow I think my mage is above this shit.

Now I need the heart of Lei Shen. Oh.


I might of audibly sighed at my computer when Wrathion told me that. I know it’s a Legendary quest chain and all, but one can’t help but feel that this ‘friend’ of ours is taking the piss. Thankfully you can loot the heart if you’ve already killed Lei Shen for the week (which I’ve done), so I’m gonna take a stab at him tomorrow–thankfully, the ToT groups I’ve run into have been fairly seamless now that the content is a bit older, and people are better geared/more knowledgeable/more comfortable with the content.

From what I can tell, I’m quite close to the end. My husband is a step ahead of me, but he’s run into some problems defeating the Celestials, so he’s put it off for the time being. That doesn’t bode well for me, but I’ll cross that bridge when I get to it. All Alyza wants is a shiny cool cape–she doesn’t care about it’s Legendary status, or its stats, just that it LOOKS awesome. But to be fair, on a personal level, this is something I want to finish before WoD drops.

*Managed to FINALLY get a couple pets to 25. I’m the world’s slowest pet leveler, and battler–I do it when I feel like it, and I get very easily distracted, hence why it’s taken me so long (/embarrassed). The first one to make it to 25 was Yorrick, the disembodied floating skull that Alyzabeth talks to (don’t all mages go a bit squirrelly at some point?). I’m hoping to get one of each family to 25 within the week–the rest I need are in the 23/24 range so it shouldn’t be difficult, so much as time consuming. My brain isn’t made for pet battles, but it’s something I do want to do more of, and knock out some achievements in the process. That, and I’d love to open up the Beasts of Fable and Pandaria dailies, and take a stab at the Celestial Tournament (ahahahahaha, like I’ll ever defeat that! But I’d like to try XD).

When you've been practicing magic as long as Alyzabeth has, you start to become...weird. No one has the heart (or stones) to tell her that she has a problem. He's a great listener though!
When you’ve been playing with magic as long as Alyzabeth has, you start to become…weird. No one has the heart (or stones) to tell her that she has a problem. He’s a great listener though! And yes, Yorrick with two r’s, because he’s ~*special*~

*Managed to get the achievement for the second wing of SoO. Every time I got thrown into it, it was right smack in the middle. I constantly needed the first two bosses in order to get the achievement and progress, but I couldn’t…until I could! I might of nearly wee’d myself in excitement when I saw not only Lor’themar, but Aethas there for the Galakras fight (especially Aethas without his cowl/face mask…thing! Very surprising). Also managed to get the third wing completed as well, so I can technically take a stab at Garrosh…except all the groups I’ve been in so far have been fail. I’ll have to wait for the reset and see what kind of luck I have on that front.

Alyzabeth has the biggest girly mage crush on Aethas (even though she could probably wipe him out on the DPS meter--look at his armor?!)
Alyzabeth has the biggest girly mage crush on Aethas (even though she could probably wipe him out on the DPS meter–look at his armor?!)

*Made progress on a couple of leveling toons: my shaman Zanzeeli, who had been stuck in the Outlands has finally progressed into Northrend, and sits pretty at 72. I also did a bit on my Alliance DK, Aveshka, on Shadowsong; I underestimated the advantage of having access to two separate AH’s in terms of looking for pets and other Things Made of Awesome. Hellscream’s AH is pretty abysmal at times, but Shadowsong can have some decent deals–if you have the money for it. Which I don’t. At least I don’t until my DK hits max level, and can start a farm, and I can start flogging stuff on their AH. It’s been kinda fun questing from a different perspective; she’s 84 at the moment, and I hadn’t done Cata content Alliance-side, and I’ve been making an effort to read the quest text. Sometimes I get so stuck in with my characters on Hellscream, I forget there’s a whole other half of the game that I’m not familiar with :D

I might of facepalmed when I saw this. Memories flooded back of when my husband and I slogged through all the episodes of '24' on Netflix. Just no.
I might of facepalmed when I saw this. Memories flooded back of when my husband and I slogged through all the episodes of ’24’ on Netflix. Just no.
This, on the other hand, made me laugh. Quite hard. It's the first time I'd done these quests, and then to find a fecking dwarf in a box...lols forever.
This, on the other hand, made me laugh. Quite hard. It’s the first time I’d done these quests, and then to find a fecking dwarf in a box…lols forever.




8 thoughts on “Alas Poor Yor(r)ick!

  1. “(especially Aethas without his cowl/face mask…thing! Very surprising)”



    I swear to Gawd, 100% honest here, that people have actually found my blog by searching for “aethas face.” SRS.

    1. I’m lol’ing so hard right now, that Aethas’ face is a legit search term XD I always kinda wondered what he looked like and then BAM there he is in SoO, unmasked in all his Generic Blood Elf Male glory :D I’m glad the mystery’s been solved, since obviously I wasn’t the only one concerned by his lack of facial features (I had some pretty bad nightmare scenarios/conspiracy theories running through my head at times).

      1. I was certain he’d either been burned as a child or had no face at all, like some sort of monster that’s the EXACT OPPOSITE of all the beautiful blood elves.

  2. Oh, and re: maze of DEATH, this is usually how I live:

    1.) Have healthstone.
    2.) When maze phase starts and you see the weird purple jumpy lines on the ground, SCREW DAMAGE. Your priority is no longer DPS – it’s to GET OUT OF PURPLE CRAP. I actually stop DPSing. I don’t care anymore.
    3.) Once you see which “side” of the circle the weird purple jumpy lines are on, RUN TO THE OUTSIDE EDGE FAST.
    4.) Make sure camera angle is zoomed way out and preferably looking down from above.
    5.) An opening will appear somewhere around the “outsideish” edge of the circle – it CAN be literally the outside edge itself, which I kinda hate. Once you see the opening, RUN. RUN. RUN. DO NOT STOP EVER OGOD.
    6.) There is a beam of death following you, which is why forward is better than nowhere.
    7.) You’ll probably stand in some sheeyit, which is why you gotta have a healthstone.
    8.) Keep moving at the front “edge” of the opening as it opens up (if that makes sense), because otherwise, LASER OF DEATH kills you.
    9.) When DBM starts counting down, you’re pretty close to safe, but keep an eye out for DEATH BEAM.
    10.) When the countdown is finished, purple will go away, half the raid will be dead, and maybe you’ll have lived! Yay!

    1. Awesome, thank you! I kinda knew I was supposed to be looking out for little clues to see where exactly shit was gonna go down and what’s safe, but I get too anxious and freak out. I also make the mistake sometimes of following everyone else, which…yeah. I figure hey, they must know what to do/something I don’t know, I’ll follow them! But then they all die too, so I just end up looking like a dork for following them. I’ll also definitely try the outside trick since we always seem to swarm inward, which is obviously A Bad Idea but I keep doing it anyway. I’ll have to try it on my hunter (who’s eligible for the raid but hasn’t done it yet) since my mage doesn’t need that anymore, and I’ll keep all that in mind :D

      (And if I manage to live, I will gloat like there’s no tomorrow. It’s the small stuff that makes me happy XD).

      1. Yeah, I used to think the little purple jumpy lines were to indicate the “maze” itself, but that’s not it. They just show you what side the openings are going to be on, left or right of the destructo-beam thing that he does. The biggest advantage to using the outside or ranged path is that since it is literally larger in diameter, you have a few extra seconds to respond. The inner melee circle is too damn fast for me.

    1. That quest made me legitimately smile when I went around the corner and saw him stuck in that box :D I love how it’s like one moment I’m slaughtering orcs and Twilight cultists, and the next I’m on the hunt for trousers XD

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