WoW Resolutions: 2014 Edition

Guilty as charged.
Guilty as charged.

In my real life away from WoW, I don’t make New Year’s resolutions. I’ve had almost 30 years to learn that I’m absolutely rubbish at making plans, ones where I’m so convinced I’ll do X, Y and Z and I’ll be super organized and prepared and ambitious…and then I’m not. And then I get really disappointed in myself, and cue the self-loathing, and a cycle of beating myself up over stupid stuff. So, for the most part, I avoid them like the plague. I instead try to focus on just being happy in the coming year, whatever that might entail on a personal level, adjusting to the spanners that tend to get thrown in the works and muck everything up.

For the most part, I try to avoid making big huge sweeping plans in WoW as well. I’ll tell myself I’ll sort everything out and attack my goals with an almost surgical precision…and then I don’t, choosing to faff about with whatever takes my fancy at that particular moment. And then I feel bad because I’m not working on what I ‘should’ be working on.

See a pattern here?

That said, I was reading the most recent WoW Insider Community Blog Topic, which concerns WoW resolutions, and reading the comments and blog posts got me thinking about making my own resolutions in the game. I tried to avoid super specific goals and focus more on general Things To Be Accomplished, preferably before WoD drops (which is hopefully SOON).

Without further ado, and in no particular order:

1.) Be more engaged in the WoW blogosphere/online community. I’m a very shy, introverted person by nature, both IRL and online (in some respects–I’m quite foot-loose and fancy free over on my FB). I tend to scurry away from engaging with other people even in Warcraft; the bad encounters in-game far outweigh the good, and it’s been difficult for me to make friends or have anyone to faff about with in-game. That said, I look fondly on the interactions I see between my favorite WoW bloggers/personalities, and a part of me wants to chime in and sit at the table–but I don’t. I desperately want to try and resolve that a little; I don’t need to be a super social butterfly, but I’m also quite keen to get over my almost primal fear of other people. It’ll require lots of work, and unpacking of deep-seated issues, but I’d at least like to make a more concerted effort in 2014.

(And on that note, I try to read as many WoW blogs as I can, but I’m always terrified to comment. But I’m lurking! Hopefully that’s not creepy or anything *shame*)

2.) Finish getting my Hordies on Hellscream to 90. I’ve got 8 so far, with three to go–my shaman (who’s sitting pretty at 82.5), my monk (at 41) and my wee warrior Spindlelegs at 9. I’m not sure I have any particular order in mind as to which one to level per se; I just work on what class I fancy playing at any particular time. Most likely the shaman will be next just because the finish line is so bloody close. I’d love to get them to 90, with farms if at all possible, because it’s almost a compulsion of mine at this point.

3.) Get at least one Alliance to 90, if not more. This really shouldn’t be difficult at all, but I find myself focusing quite a bit on finishing up affairs on Hellscream, that if I work on Alliance on another server I’m screwing around or not being productive or whatever. I have a worgen DK at 86, so this goal is very feasible as it stands right now. That said, getting a few decently settled Alliance characters would be a huge bonus. The DK is on Shadowsong EU right now which seems to have a decent Alliance population, and if that continues I’ll most likely make it my ‘permanent’ home for Allies–this is always something I’m sore about, just because I’m stuck on Hellscream with an abysmal Horde population, and it sucks. Building up a few Alliance toons will also benefit not only my social life (hopefully), but it’ll be easier to farm for pets and mounts, and to buy things off an AH that is eleventy billion times more lively than on Hellscream.

4.) Don’t hesitate to play something other than Mage. I find myself afraid of stepping outside of that comfort zone, of really giving anybody other than Alyzabeth real effort and work. I’m taking baby steps with my hunter Applecore, taking her into LFR and flexing my brain a bit more in the process. Sometimes I get burnt out on Alyzabeth, and having a couple other toons who I feel comfortable playing with at max level would be nice. I’m thinking Applecore is a good second choice, since I’m vastly more comfortable playing ranged rather than melee, and Apple is SoO ready. That said, I would like to try and get better with someone like Yulianna (my DK) or Antebellum (my pally that just dinged 90, wheee!), for a change of pace when the norm gets to be a bit too boring even for me. Doing that means not tunnel-visioning my DPS meters, or letting performance anxiety get the best of me, and just giving it a shot–let LFR do what it’ll do, and knowing that I can always leave if it becomes detrimental to my mental health. With this goal, I HAVE to give myself permission to fail, if need be.

5.) Maybe not strictly WoW-related, but in the same hemisphere at least: work more on my WoW based fiction writing. A million good ideas, and brilliant scenes I play out in my head whilst trying to sleep. Nothing to show for it. I talk a good game about how I want to do it, but I don’t. That has to change. Many of my characters have backstories I’d like to flesh out, and again, it’s about confronting some very big fears I have, and just letting go. And, sharing what I write! I feel reasonably comfortable now with my blog writing, but I feel much more dressed-up and formal when it comes to fiction, hence the stage fright.

6.) Get Ashes of Al’ar. This is strictly RNG based, but by Riker’s beard I want it! Alyzabeth is the only toon I feel comfortable and capable on whilst solo’ing it; I know others run multiple alts a week through Tempest Keep…but I can’t. I just have to take what the WoW gods give me, but words can’t describe how badly I still want this stupid mount.

Again, these seem like quite vague resolutions to me, but it’s how I work best. Of course, I have some specific WoW goals in terms of achievements and such I’d like to clear up before WoD (achievements concerning Pandaria content at least), but I think this is a reasonable list to work with for now.

To those fellow WoW’ers who are reading, I hope you have an amazing and prosperous 2014 in Warcraft, and may you get all the mounts and pets and cool achievements and gears and golds you’re lusting after :D


Yes, I named my pet dinosaur after a Mexican dish. I was hungry at the time, and it sounded really good. (And ignore that DPS meter plz, not even in the top ten lmaoimgonnagocry)
Yes, I named my pet dinosaur after Mexican food. I was hungry at the time, and it sounded really good.
(And ignore that DPS meter plz, not even in the top ten lmaoimgonnagocry)

2 thoughts on “WoW Resolutions: 2014 Edition

  1. I love the name Chimichanga! Well, even bigger grats on getting that legendary cloak then. Fear of strangers in LFR meant I wasn’t even going to try. I am much better than I was when I started blogging, I am a social butterfly now compared to the quiet lurker I was. I’m still an introvert but one that interacts once in a while now!

    1. It definitely makes me feel better to know I’m not the only one who…struggles, in that area (for lack of a better word, herp derp). With LFR, and with the Legendary, it was one of those things I had to do while I was in the ‘mood’ for it–it required lots of keeping my head down, tunnel-visioning everything and trying to ignore all the things that might make me crawl back under my desk. That’s probably why it took me so long to finish in part, trying to deal with LFR and finding out just how much I could tolerate. Don’t think I could do the grind on another toon though like some people do–not only because the people, but just the thought of having to grind out rep and valor points all over again makes my want to puke XD.

      And I’m glad I’m not the only one who’s amused with my pet’s name :D My husband doesn’t get how awesome it is, and since his main is a hunter, I probably offended his delicate hunter sensibilities by naming my pets random things (and he’s English, so I don’t think he knows just how amazing chimichangas can be, they’re not very common over here </3).

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