Getting Back In The Saddle…

Story of my (DPS) life x.x
Story of my (DPS) life x.x

There’s no good way to reintroduce myself back into my own blog, so here goes:

I’ve obviously been…afk for a while. I hit a wall of sorts back at the end of January; I was planning a trip back to the States to visit family (where I wouldn’t have access to WoW for the duration of my stay). I was burnt out on my daily grind in WoW. I was in a funk of sorts.

It all collided into a delicious mess of ‘meh, can’t be bothered’ and just general malaise. So I made the decision to unsubscribe for a while to give myself a break. I’ve harped on about it before, but I don’t see the point in playing (and paying to play) if you’re not enjoying yourself…and I definitely wasn’t. I don’t take breaks very often, and this last one was the longest I think I’ve taken since I started playing in 2006.

All told, I was gone from WoW for about three months. I was meaning to resub once I got back home, but I kept putting it off…I just wasn’t feeling the urge to log back in.

So what did I do? I have quite a few games installed on my PC, and all F2P, so I dabbled a bit. I played an awesome dual lightsaber-wielding jedi in The Old Republic.. I indulged in my inner fangirl and rolled a Brienne (of GRRM’s A Song of Ice and Fire fame) lookalike in Guild Wars 2.–and there’s something absolutely satisfying about running around as a Norn covered from head to toe in plate and mail wielding a sword bigger than you are, taking no shit and tearing through Tyria.

I kinda somewhat really love my jedi knight. She's looooooovely.
I kinda somewhat really love my jedi knight. She’s looooooovely.
bro do you even lift? (also, this game is too gorgeous for words, screenies can't do it justice)
bro do you even lift? (also, this game is too gorgeous for words, screenies can’t do it justice)

(I’ll stop there, and save the fangirly flailing and rambling for another post)

That said, I recently resubbed–I’m buying game cards from now until WoD drops, since you can automatically apply them to your account, and that way if I decide one month I don’t want to play, I don’t have to worry about a reoccuring payment coming out every month.

And I think that’s how I’m going to have to play it until the expansion drops this fall (by all reasonable estimations…and considering we don’t have a bloody beta yet, it’s likely IMO). I can’t promise I can stay fully engaged from now until then–or at least engaged enough to justify the sub cost. I know I’m able to walk away from WoW for bits and bobs of time and not have a problem getting back in the saddle…and it’s a good feeling. Liberating, really. I have no real plans right now, except to play it by ear. I’ve tried making bucket lists before of things I want to do before WoD drops, but those always work out super well (read: I don’t accomplish a damn thing on them), so I’m not going to bother.

What have I been doing in the past week or so since I resubbed?

awwww yea ;D
awwww yea ;D

For one, I finally sorted out my jeweled onyx panther. I’ve had the mats and the gold for ages, but never actually got around to putting them all together. I decided there was no time like the present, so this last weekend I shuffled money and mats around to my warlock, who’s my jewelcrafter. 76k gold later, I had a lovely new mount, and a bit of a hole in my pocketbook. I won’t cry too much, since by my best estimation I’m still sitting on 100k gold on the server, but if I can slowly recoop the costs via selling off my farm mats, then hey ho. But it’s not a concerted effort; I’m back to using the remote AH app to list auctions for super cheap, and make back whatever money I can before WoD.

dis is gorgeous
dis is gorgeous

I also managed to finally snag a Hearthsteed…with some ‘help’ (read: hand-holding) from a third party, who’s a total pro at Hearthstone (at least compared to me, Queen Nooblet). It really is a lovely mount, and is the perfect shade of blue for my mage. And considering it didn’t cost me anything, I can’t complain.

My shaman, Zanzeeli, finally got to 90 as well. It was a bit painful towards the end just because I’ve gotten utterly sick of Pandaria by this point, but questing is still my fastest method of leveling (I get dungeon anxiety whilst leveling, and my pet battling skills are abysmal). I dragged myself from 89-90 in one evening of rum and Pacific Rim (an amazing film by the way, if you haven’t seen it!), and she’s one day away from having a fully functioning 16 plot farm. By this point I’ll have 9 level 90s with 16 plot farms (not counting my Ally DK on Shadowsong), and you’d think I’d have mats pouring out of my ears–and you’d be right. 99% of everything is being sold in the end, though when we get closer to WoD (or at least when we have a drop date in mind), I’ll hide some mats away in my banks for safe keeping, just in case.

I have two Horde toons left on Hellscream to level: Wensicia, my monk and Spindlelegs, my warrior/bank alt. The monk is kinda sorta being leveled with my husband’s warlock, but the warrior is a free agent, and I blew through the first 20 levels quite easily. Last night I finished the storyline in Silverpine Forest, and I gotta say…I get into quite the mindset while playing a Forsaken. Like, I totally become Team Sylvanas when I’m playing Spindlelegs, so it was quite enjoyable questing through content I wasn’t super burnt out by (I think I’ve leveled through post-Cata Silverpine maybe once).

they just had to play lament of the highborne during this for max feelage
they just had to play lament of the highborne during this for max feelage

There’s not much left to do on my mage, Alyzabeth. I don’t have any goals with her regarding gear–it’s good enough for now, and I’ve got stuff to mog with. The thought of running any sort of LFR content makes me want to vomit all over myself, so I’ll avoid it for the foreseeable future. I may flick through her achievements and see if there’s any easy/entertaining ones I can get out of the way. Maybe more pet battling. Who knows. Like I said, I’m making no real plans, and just seeing where my mood takes me at any given moment.


*exit stage left*

I really did try...promise
I really did try…promise

One thought on “Getting Back In The Saddle…

  1. WoW is like a box of chocolates. Eat too much you get sick, eat one once in a while and it’s good. Sometimes the most fun I have is just logging on with nothing planned and see where my mood takes me.
    Hehe love the Ramsey DPS pix – I really need that as a poster :D

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